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Exceptionally Entertaining Learning Platform: KOPO Mobile Education

KOPO Mobile Education


Free mobile online learning support system. Create interactive learning materials.

Interact with students in classes using leader board, quizzes, and competitions.

Learning is a journey. Design exciting journeys, share your stories, invite friends, take on challenges anywhere anytime using instant messaging services. Lucy, AI guide, will help you along your journeys.

Journeys on KOPO ME:

Creating Journeys on KOPO MES

  1. Creating a Journey
  2. Adding a Chapter of Journey
  3. Inserting Image
  4. Inserting a video
  5. Creating link to Video on Google drive
  6. Embedding a Google document
  7. Embedding a Google slide
  8. Adding KOPO MES to Home Screen in Android
  9. View KOPO MES as an app on iPhone

KOPO Data Analytics (Alpha)

KOPO Data Analytics (KDAC)

Free breathing sound analyser for assessing various respiratory health problems. Tutorial on how to use the breathing sound analyser is here. You can use the same account for all KOPO applications: KOPO Mobile Education and KOPO Data Analytics.


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Breath Sound Analyzer for Children

You can now instantly diagnose respiratory health of your children here.

Breath Sound DiagnosisWave

Early child health intervention for respiratory conditions using low-cost cell-phones

We are building rapid diagnostic systems to help children suffering from respiratory conditions. If you have children, please participate in our questionnaires. It will help us to build health information system that will be used by people, who need most, free of charge. This project is funded by Bill and Melinda Gates foundation.

Smart Pillow For Pneumonia Detection

Based on the respiratory analysis system, we are now developing a smart pillow that can be used to record essential bio-signals (temperature, breathing sounds, coughing sounds) very easily.


Mental Health Informatics

We have developed speech and language analysis software that can diagnose various mental health problems, such as Autism, ADHD, and depression. The three years of accumulated research results are published in the following book: Mental Health Informatics (M. Lech, I. Song, P. Yellowlees, J. Diederich, Eds.), Springer Verlag, 2013.

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Affordable Robot Racing Car Kit for developing Autonomous Driving Droids

My students and I have developed a low-cost Android Robot Racing Car kit (less than $150) that can be used by students to develop computer vision and automated driving algorithms, and ultimately a system that can drive wheelchairs for disabled people. Assembled Racing Car kit (the total component cost is less than $120). More details can be found here.


Marine Informatics

Open-source annotation and data analysis system for marine science:

Therapeutic Animatron

An interaction framework for creating animatronics creatures, called therapeutic animatrons, which can cause desired emotional states on humans:

Mobile Micro Core Banking System

Mobile Phone-based Core-banking System that runs on any Android mobile devices. Here is more details on the project.

Information Technology for Health Care

We create sustainable health care systems by creating health care information systems that utilize existing cell phone and Internet infrastructures and by allowing community members exchange information safely to find help and support others.

Action Recognition in Video

Due to the number of potential applications and its inherent complexity, automatic capture and analysis of actions have become an active research area. We developed action recognition software for video footage of fish. Sample data is available on request.